Interruption Savings Calculator

Potential savings from interruptions

Whenever people are interrupted at work, from emails, instant messages, phone calls etc. it takes time for them to get back to what they were doing. This calculator lets you compute the interruption cost from emails.

Interruption Savings Calculator
Daily emails / employee
Interruption cost min sec/email
Company employees @ $ /hour
Total waste 462,222/year (11.1% of payroll)
Reduce interruptions by %   
Savings 92,444/year.

Kamune reduces interruptions

With email, information comes to you on all the projects that you are involved in, at a time that is convenient for the sender, not you. Most people at least look at their email right away. With Kamune, most information goes into the logbooks in various rooms. You go from room to room (project to project), at your convenience, to catch up, respond or contribute to it. You do get interrupted on Kamune from chats, whispers and bubbles, but they are not primary. Even bubbles re less intrusive than emails.

Kamune also can decrease the need for some of the emails, including questions that might already have been answered in a logbook and never ending mail threads (cc: syndrome).

Kamune won't eliminate interruptions, but can help decrease them.
Key Assumptions
By interruption cost, we are referring to the time it takes to switch tasks from various interruptions at work such as emails, instant messages etc. This does not include the time it takes to attend to the interrupt itself.

Several studies estimate the interruption cost from as low as 1 minute 4 seconds to as high as 15 minutes. This includes the time it takes time to notice the alert, go to the interrupting program, go back to the program they were on before, remember what they were doing, figure out where they left off and continue the work.

This study estimates the interruption cost to be 64 seconds (1 minute 4 seconds) for email.

This New York Times article refers to this study that puts the estimate at 15 minutes.

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