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Kamune does what email shouldn’t

Email was never intended for real time communication, file sharing, or juggling multiple projects, but for many people it carries the burden of all these and more. Kamune is an Internet service specifically designed for business collaboration. It lets you stay organized and get work done with less chance of getting swamped, interrupted or distracted. You stay connected with others as though you're in the same office, whether you're down the hall or across the globe

If email is time consuming but critical for you to get your work done, Kamune can provide an efficient, money-saving solution. Basic membership is free, so you can try it today without risk.

Save time

Working with messages and files that are organized saves time. You log in from a browser; visit the virtual rooms for various projects and topics; share files and notes; catch up on progress; chat and send messages to your colleagues.

Take control of your day

You control your day without email interrupting and distracting you. You focus on the task at hand, catch up with the updates in the room, leave your remarks, and if needed discuss with others before moving to the next issue. You drive progress while still being available to others for spontaneous interactions.

Stay in the loop

We understand email and related technologies very well: their significance, benefits and drawbacks. Our President used to be the general manager for MSN messenger and Outlook Express client software at Microsoft. For 3 years, we researched the root causes and refined various ideas. We invented Kamune to pull the best ideas together into one easy, smooth experience, while addressing the drawbacks of other approaches.

Key Features at a Glance
Create and customize rooms to organize projects
Control access to rooms, files, and information
Write logbook entries and check activity history
Upload files, preview images and edit text files
Receive notifications and interact with non-members using email integration
Invite colleagues, clients, and others to collaborate
Send messages to individuals or groups with links to specific rooms and files
Chat with others and save transcripts
Archive rooms and save content offline

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